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Damian's character returns in the Christmas episode, Glee Actually.

But it’s funny, that’s in my past; I don’t feel like I’ve achieved those things. I have bigger dreams now that I know are realistic and that I’m very driven to achieve.

I’ll reflect on past achievements when I’m seventy.”Damian is still performing with Celtic Thunder, which he describes as “the gift that keeps on giving” and recently sang the American National Anthem with the group, which he described as “something I’ll not forget.”He is also “excited” about the release of his first film in November, called ‘Santa Fake.’ He plays the lead role in the Christmas film, which was “incredibly intense” and is “excited for people to see it.”You can find ‘One More Time’ at usual outlets and on i Tunes, Amazon and Spotify.

’ really, the only answer I can give is: ‘It’s me, it’s Damian Mc Ginty’ and I don’t really think it sounds like anything else.

It’s a mixture of pop and folk and under the surface there’s a slight Nashville element to the music.”Damian is currently promoting the album and his new single ‘You Should Know’ on his first “incredible” solo tour around the U. He said there has been “a bigger reaction than I expected, more excitement than I expected and people singing along to the new music, which blows me away every night.”Damian told how, as a child in Derry, he never expected to achieve the success he has.

“I’m 22, and I’ve been traveling the world for eight years, working with so many people.

Damian is one of the winners of TGP, along with Samuel.His character has very few solos or lines in group numbers.However, he did say that he wanted to be in the background and he stayed on for roughly 19 episodes even though he only won a seven episode arc.In the last four or five years I’ve probably written close to 100 songs.I feel like I finally got to a place where I’m capable of releasing original music and this EP is beginning that new phase in my career for me.”Damian found inspiration for the songs from his experiences of “meeting and working with different people from all walks of life” while travelling the world for 11 years with Celtic Thunder.He said: “I definitely always had dreams, but they were much more shallow and, as a kid in Derry, simply because I didn’t realise what was possible.

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