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And it came to pass, while he blessed them, he was parted from them, and carried up into heaven This was theology from the anti-theoreticians, from the ecclesiasta.John emphasizes, in opposition to the heretics, the divine status of Christ, rejecting out of hand the popular notion that Jesus was merely a man on whom the Holy Spirit had descended.

96 AD), he was exiled to the Roman penal colony of Patmos.

Uniquely in the history of the Roman judicial system, John survived immersion in burning oil.

– While the synoptics focus on the anticipated ‘ Kingdom of God’ (and Christ is ‘ Son of Man’), John centres on Christ himself, as ‘ Son of God’ and eternal king, and upon the evangelical goal of convincing others that Christ was the Messiah – sentiments more in keeping with an established church.

– the advanced theology of the fourth gospel is difficult to reconcile with the homely simplicity of the synoptics; this is allegedly an old fisherman’s tale, after all.

(What happened to John’s natural mother, one wonders?

) Taking his new charge seriously, John re-settled Mary in Ephesus and here faced-down a challenge from the local high priest over a poisoned cup.It was also in Ephesus that John fled the baths, lest the presence of the heretic Cerinthus should ‘cause the roof to fall’ (or so said Clement of Alexandria! John became the most active of the apostles, next to Peter, organizing the early church in Palestine and throughout Asia Minor.Sometime around the age of eighty three (‘the last year of Domitian's reign’ i.e.His jailers must have been so surprised that they provided him with writing materials and he wrote a best-selling 10,000 word horror story (‘ Apocalypse’) about the imminent end of the world.Several years later, at a not inconsiderable age, this ‘unlearned ex-fisherman’, now a bishop, wrote the beautiful, ‘poetic’ gospel in best Greek that bears his name.And his raiment became shining, exceeding white as snow; so as no fuller on earth can white them.

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