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The 40-year-old's appearance, and striking similarity to his much more famous fellow actor, as he delivered a high voltage blow to the webhead certainly caused confusion among fans of the Marvel superhero.One called Sally Evans said: 'I refuse to accept that Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall-Green don't share a parent.'And another highlighted the fact Tom is going to play the webhead's great rival Venom in a film that will not even be connected to the latest incarnation of Spider-Man.Matt Singer said: 'What are the odds someone mistakes Logan Marshall-Green for Tom Hardy and writes a post claiming Venom is the new Spider-Man movie?

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This week on The Drew Marshall show, it's our privilege to bring to you a collection of Unforgettables. Either way you’ll want to join us as we replay some of our Classic Unforgettable Interviews with a few celebrities Drew spoke with recently, like...

television's It's summertime up here in the Great White North, which means people right across Canada are hopefully taking some time off to relax!

2, back in 1963 — although the two debuted in different stories within the same issue.

A technical genius with the aptitude to repair and improve almost any electrical device, he's ideally suited to be the villain behind the villain: He can create or fix the super-suits that give the more active bad guys their gimmick. 1, the Chameleon was originally "just" a Soviet spy and master of disguise, but he later became a literal man without a face after swallowing a serum that made his face permanently malleable, allowing him to assume any identity (within reason, obviously).

Kraven the Hunter A former Russian aristocrat who hunts the world's deadliest game — Spider-Man — Kraven is a wonderfully cartoonish concept who has gone from a fun, if violent, threat who debuted in 1964's No.

15 to something altogether more grim and disturbing in recent years.

The actual Shocker is named Herman Schultz, and he is being played by Bokeem Woodbine.

He is listed as Shocker Number Two in the cast listing for the film.

Keaton will play the primary wrongdoer in the second big screen reboot for Marvel's friendly neighborhood wall-crawler — long rumored to be the Vulture, although neither Marvel nor Sony has commented publicly on the subject — while Marshall-Green's character remains a mystery for now.

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