Who is sharon leal dating now

It was not a surprising action as Sharon and Bev always kept their personal lives to themselves.

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Sharon Leal was born on October 17, 1972, in Tucson, Arizona, U. After, she was adopted by Jesse Leal after her mother got married to him and he was Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force and he was a police officer of Clark Air Base in the Philippines.

Sharon graduated from “Roosevelt High School of the Arts” in Fresno.

After getting out of a relationship, the odds of her falling into another one very soon were very low.

Their separation settlement, alimony, child support and other details of separation are not known to the public. However, based on Dania’s expression about her stepson, it looked like she is spending a lot of time with him and Sharon has not been seen with her boy lately.

One source said that both of them were very calm and never showed any signs of problems even to their closest friends.

No wonder they took a lot of time to find love again.

The couple ended up getting married to each other in October, 2001. Things got tough between Bev and Sharon and the two called it quits after 6 years of marriage. An affair was not considered to be the reason for the separation.

When asked about her separation from her former husband, she said that it was devastating.

Sharon was born in Tucson, Arizona and lived with her mother Angelita who has a Filipino heritage.

Sharon's father, an African American military police officer was not in her life.

He ended his relationship with her mother Angelita before Sharon was born.

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