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However, the pastor of Lighthouse Full Life Center is not interested in beauty without brains.“I love geeky smart women, I really do,” he notes, but also wants the new missus to have “her own thing going on” and “be successful.” On top of the qualities she needs to have, Sapp also wants his future companion to understand her role before stepping into it. “I’m looking for a woman who has the passion and desire to want to come in and be in position in church. I know how to be faithful.” His new album ‘I Win’ is available in stores and online now. i mean he's not billy graham(not that he would remarry) he's still fairly young, AND he has three children!Maybe that's just an unspoken/understood qualification for him or maybe the entire interview was not heard. since when did we base our decisions on the worlds standards. just wondering why there was absolutely NO mention this woman's spiritual maturity... to each his own *yawns* Marvin Sapp comes across as a worldly minded man.

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Because my wife’s DNA is so strong in my church, that there’s no way possible that she’s gonna be able to come in and take over women’s ministry, and you know, desire to be co-pastor and all that.” At the end of the day, Sapp’s greatest desire is for a woman to be into him. I just want a wife.” And when he finds her, he’s going to treat her right. i dont think Melinda would expect him to remain single til he's like 75!

that's hard to do especially for a single pastor.

Support the Message of gospel music and let's keep it alive.

A post shared by Marvin Sapp (@marvinsapp) on Sapp further elaborated on his thoughts, saying that when Christians stop supporting the music of gospel artists they think aren't living according to certain Christian standards they are only "silencing this great gospel.""Believers won't buy gospel music of some artist because of their presumed flaws and questionable life.

I get what bishop is saying, however, you can't compare the world and the Church. While music sales of some gospel singers with "questionable" personal lives have suffered, others like James Fortune who pleaded guilty last year to an assault on his now estranged wife, Cheryl, appears to be doing well.

It will be two years this Fall since the tragic passing of his wife, Malinda Sapp, from Colon Cancer in September 2010.I believe the world gets what believers still don't or refuse to understand," he continued. " My response, "The world supports its own." Not one supporter of Jay-Z (Believer or Non Believer) questions his lifestyle, beliefs or commitment to his wife."#myopinionon That the message is always bigger than the messenger." #Transparent Conversation #My Personal Opinion I was asked a question the other day that I wanted to address via social media. They know that the messenger is flawed but they support his message to the tune of 1 million sale and it hasn't been release to the masses yet.#Again My Opinion One day I pray that we all drop our rocks and remember that everyone and I mean everyone that God used in scripture was flawed and or had issues that wasn't Jesus Christ and thats why we needed his redemptive work in our lives.However even with their flaws and all God used them to deliver a message of hope and healing.“I’m going to look when I’m ready to look and where I look is no one’s business,” he stated matter-of-factly.

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