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In times when we are lucky, we win many bets and earn a larger-than-expected profit, and in unlucky times we earn less than expected, and can even lose out.This is especially so if someone comes in and makes a large number of massive bets; we can either gain a lot or lose a lot.action=profile then click the "Forum Profile Information" link under "Modify Profile" in the top left.

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Its also easy to meet other people right from the p Chat free chat rooms.

Find someone you want to talk with one on one through the chat rooms or our search feature?

Trust your gut and follow the advice in this post to determine if you are dealing with a legitimate applicant.

If you have received an e-mail, please take the time to paste it in the comments so that it appears on Google searches so that it may prevent other innocent people from getting scammed.

Copy/paste the above code into the "Signature" box, and click "Change profile" at the bottom of the page to save the new signature.

In January 2015 a feature was added to allow investors limit their counterparty risk by declaring some of their invested coins to be offsite.[updated 6/29/2015] I want to explain a common craigslist scam that targets people renting out property.If you are not aware of this scam, you may fall victim to it.I have received the e-mails from scammers while using other resources, such as and The e-mails generally read along the same lines, so it not isolated to craigslist.I, myself, have been targeted by this scam but have never been a victim.

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