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"He [Robertson] had a television show, Hypotheticals, and Kylie Minogue was supposed to do it. Robertson said, 'Get me a motormouth,' and they got me.I thought he was gorgeous." There was just one problem: "He was involved with Nigella at the time, and I can't cook or anything. Everyone's question was: How could good-looking gorgeous QC dump good-looking gorgeous domestic goddess for loudmouth colonial nymphomaniac?

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"Emily Pankhurst tied herself to the railings to get women out of the kitchen.

I don't particularly want to send them back in, even if it is to lick spoons and fellate vegetables." She might sweeten her politics with gags, but Kathy has always been a feminist.

They were granted a quickie divorce six weeks ago, but 70-year-old Saatchi appeared happy to ­ return to the posh eaterie.

One diner who witnessed Saatchi’s seafood supper with Trinny said: “He usually looks pretty thunderous, but he seemed to be rather laid back and enjoying himself.

Any test I give will be a reminder of the importance of focusing on each ingredient on the plate, of the balance of flavours, the contrast of textures.

It’s not about showing everything you know at once." Lawson has some words of warning for contestants wanting to run before they can walk. You have no idea how quickly the clock ticks on Cynthia is the showbiz writer for WHO magazine and was a longtime editor at People magazine in the US.While still a teenager she gained huge notoriety with her first novel, Puberty Blues.A sort of comedic Female Eunuch, Pubes (as Kathy calls it) was a satirical take on Sydney's ultra-macho beach culture."I'm against plastic surgery, but it's getting harder and harder.Show me a woman who's happy with her age and I'll show you the electro-convulsive therapist who helped her get that way." After Kylie (with whom she is good friends) and Germaine Greer ("I'm Germaine with jokes," she tells me), Kathy is probably Australia's most famous female export.Her father Nigel was Margaret Thatcher's golden boy and mother Vanessa was heiress to the Lyons food dynasty.

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