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Mainly because “this country is getting pornified,” he says.

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It’s a nice, colorful place with nice food and nice music. I got my keys out and went in the building and got in the elvator. He basically lifted me up with his cock in my pussy He stood up on the bed and fucked me standing up for a bit. He was slapping my ass and kissing me at the same time. I don’t think he planning on staying anyhow He got dressed, told me we should do this again and left. I went in to the bedroom and got the bottle with all the cum in it and poured the cum back in my mouth and went back out of the bedroom. I stuck my tongue out a bit to get some cum on my lips and very very slowly started touching my lips on his.

I ordered a beer and got a message from a friend I hadn’t talked to in a while. He was a tattoo artist so he had tattoos all over him and he was dressed pretty casual; seemed like a cool guy in general. I told him that I wasn’t really looking for a relationship and apperantly he wasn’t either. I seriously didn’t know how the time passed by but it was when I looked at the clock and I was feeling pretty tipsy. After a bit, he threw me back down on the bed and turned me around and started fucking me doggy and this was the best doggy of my life. My boyfriend had have heard the sounds and voices in the next room but I wasn’t thinking about that the moment. My boyfriend must have heard him leave because he walked out of the guest room. I held my boyfriend by his hand pulled him into the bedroom and threw him on the bed. All the cum was still in my mouth at this point and I got off him and laid down and pulled him on top of me and I very slowly got my tongue in his mouth and we started kissing like crazy after that.

He was kissing me so hard I thought he was going to bite my lips off. That was a nicest, warmest cum I’ve ever had in my mouth.

After about 5 minutes it must have been, he came in my mouth. I mean, what would you expect from a dick like that.

Proceed With Caution Take it one step at a time, and make sure everyone’s cool with what's happening.

For example, Bianca thought she was OK with watching Rob have sex with another woman, but when it actually happened, “She went bananas,” he says. Don't Ignore Her It’s a rookie mistake, but don’t get too distracted by the new member of your .

Conversely, he says, “I didn’t think I’d be comfortable with her kissing or doing anything with another man, but when a guy asked, I said yes, and realized, ‘Hey, it’s pretty hot.’” Ideally your girlfriend might realize she’s perfectly fine with the other girl doing really dirty things to you. “One of the most important things for any couple is to focus primarily on their partner,” says Bianca.

If at any point, someone feels like they’re the literal third wheel, “almost instantly, that person gets turned off,” says Rob.

When he and Bianca are having a threesome with another guy, for example, “Bianca is sure to be touching me at all times,” he says. I’m always involved.”Expand Your Horizons Some thri-curious folk worry that one little threesome will mean they can never have sex “normally” again.

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