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That’s about 50% more kinetic energy than a standard .223/5.56mm 55-grain bullet moving at 3,000 feet per second.

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The split receiver design of AR-type rifles lends itself to using a standard lower receiver with stock, grip, magazine well, and fire control system containing trigger, hammer, sear and safety mechanisms.

Then, in theory, and for the most part practicality, you can mount different upper receivers that house the chamber, barrel, bolt carrier, bolt and hand guard.

As an AR-type rifle cartridge, I love that it fits in standard .223 / 5.56mm magazines.

That’s because it uses cut down cartridge cases from .223 / 5.56mm.

Bill Alexander and Janne Pohjoispää developed this round as a way to make a standard AR rifle reach out to 800 (and more) yards.

It’s designed to fit in a standard AR magazine size, so it gains its extra oomph by using a larger diameter case to launch a long and thin bullet.

It even uses the same bolt carrier and bolt as the 5.56mm.

While the AR-type rifle in traditional calibers is assumed to be a 400 yards or less cartridge, some enterprising folks have turned a variant into a pretty nifty longer range performer.

For example, one of the big differences between AR-15 and AR-10 type rifles is the larger magazine well on the AR-10 to accommodate .308 Winchester. Back in the Arma Lite days when the AR direct impingement rifle was being developed, the original plan was to make it a .308 / 7.62mm rifle, but the military folks liked the smaller caliber option.

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