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It’s not enough risk-taking to just cheat, you have to amp up the drama — you have to flaunt it right under your chump’s nose.

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Fifty two years later in 1997 information was received from Michal Mucha and Szymon Serwatka of Poland that our plane had continued to fly crewless for 300 kilometers.

It had belly-landed in a field in a manner a real pilot could not have handled better.

It’s part of the “fuck you.” They’re doing a little competition with you — the pick me dance that affair partners do. Will using our marital bed get me kibbles right now?

Uh, isn’t it a game unless we we’re playing a game?

You assign meaning and significance to things because you are a chump.

Not safe in terms of risk and STDs.) So why the sicko cheater? Why make special transportation arrangements when they can drive your truck? Sicko cheaters feel a contemptuousness for the chump and revel in their superiority at games. Making you pay for all the slights and grudges to their ego. The landing location was between Krotoszyn and Ostrow south east of Poznan.(Michal and Szymon are conducting a WWII Aircraft MIA project in Poland) Their Home Page Internet address is THE PHOTOGRAPH ABOVE is of our belly-landed Miss Be Haven, taken in the summer of 1945 at the landing location.We arrived back at the 32nd Squadron's base in Lucera, north of Foggia Italy by ocean freighter via the straits of Bosphorus, Crete to fly another day.

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