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I’ve also been glad to have an impact on the lives of women I’ve met and dated or those who have read my writings.

Becoming better with women has made me a stronger man and has allowed me to help others to become stronger: more confident, more determined, more aware of how the world works and how to succeed within it.

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CONTENTS Intr oduction How would I describe Jeremy Soul in daytime dating? Bootcamps are intense training weekends where clients learn about every aspect of meeting, dating and approaching women – typically using bars and nightclubs to practice. The first night we went out, I was standing next to him, with dozens of stunning Swedish girls around us in one of Stockholm’s most exclusive bars.

I knew this was going to be life-changing weekend for me as well as our clients. I made a comment to Jeremy about how hot the group of blondes that were standing in a tight knit group in the corner was.

No matter whether it was a one-night encounter or a deeper and longer-lasting romance, I endeavored to leave every woman I met with an experience that she could enjoy and grow from.

Like many men, I credit the early development of my current lifestyle almost entirely to the ideas presented in , the gold standard of dating bibles for men.

DAYTIME DATING 1Daytime Dating - Never Sleep Alone Copyright 2010 Love Systems, Inc. Well, not until later, when I saw him work his magic. This man was a widely revered Lothario, earmarked by respected members of the dating science community as one of the greatest seducers to climb into the international limelight.

All Rights Reserved Copying, sharing, emailing, posting, distributing, selling this work in whole or part, or creating derivative works from this book is strictly prohibited. As I approached, he smiled, put his hand out and shook my hand warmly.

I started experimenting, testing out new theories and concepts to figure out what worked best for dating in the daytime compared with in nightclubs and bars.

I spent years honing these skills and still continue to do so now.

I had been studying dating and pick up science for years and I thought it was impossible to get consistent results from daytime approaches, especially with a direct approach. After spending more time with Jeremy, I became one.

He made me more than that in fact – he made me a fan.

But no matter how many times I fell off the horse, I kept getting back on it, more determined each time.

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