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This method is useful when you need to create a schema from scratch.

Add("datatypes Test", "sample4.xsd") Add Handler vr. Validation Event Handler, Address Of Validation Call Back While vr.

Name) End While Xml Text Reader tr = new Xml Text Reader("sample4.xml"); Xml Validating Reader vr = new Xml Validating Reader(tr); vr.

To use the Xml Validating Reader object to validate an XML document with an inline schema, you should supply a handler for any validation errors, as in this code sample: Private Sub Validate It() ' Load a document with an inline schema Dim xtr As Xml Text Reader = _ New Xml Text Reader("Products.xml") ' Prepare to validate it Dim xvr As Xml Validating Reader = _ New Xml Validating Reader(xtr) xvr. Schema ' Tell the validator what to do with errors Add Handler xvr.

Validation Event Handler, _ Address Of Validation Handler ' Load the document, thus validating Dim xd As Xml Document = _ New Xml Document() xd.

Any valid XML file is well-formed, but not every well-formed XML file is valid. NET Framework provides good support for validating XML files.

To validate an XML document, you can use the Xml Validating Reader class.An XML file can contain explicit schema information (in the form of an embedded schema), or it can contain implicit schema information in its structure.Here's a sample file, Products.xml, that contains embedded schema information: ' Load the XML file with inline schema info Dim xtr As Xml Text Reader = _ New Xml Text Reader("Products.xml") ' Read the schema (only) into a Data Set Dim ds As Data Set = New Data Set() ds. To String() The Data Set object must have the capability to read an XML schema so that it can construct a matching data structure in memory. NET Framework designers thoughtfully exposed this capability to you through the Read Xml Schema and Write Xml Schema methods of the Data Set object.Read Xml Schema(xtr) ' Write the schema out as a separate stream Dim sw As String Writer = New String Writer() ds. But what if the file does not contain explicit schema information?It turns out that you can still use the Data Set object because this object also has the capability to infer an XML schema based on the data in an XML file.A valid XML file is one whose structure conforms to a specification.

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