XXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX On August 1988, when he was 20 years old, ULAYUK killed a 23 year old female victim in Igloolik by stabbing her repeatedly and finally strangling her.He was arrested by the police and gave an unusual account about his motivation that he repeated in court and has acknowledged while in the CSC.She did not return to the office at hrs as scheduled and her colleagues made a number of attempts to locate her.



During interviews of many of her colleagues the Board was struck by the close-knit nature of the Yellowknife Parole Office and how everyone considered LOUISE first and foremost their good friend.

She seemed to exemplify the energy and spirit of the office.

Louise PARGETER was a 34 year old Correctional Service of Canada Parole Officer who had worked in the Yellowknife Parole Office since 2001.

At the beginning of October 2004, she was re-assigned the case of Eli ULAYUK and arranged to meet with the offender at his apartment on 2004-10-06 at hrs.

The BOI examined CSC and NPB files, interviewed many individuals who dealt with the offender directly and consulted others who it felt could provide helpful information and advice. They also provided their own assessments of the case that are attached to this report. The BOI acknowledges that it has had the benefit of thoroughly reviewing this case with hindsight that was not available to the decision-makers.

Since ULAYUK' s case involved a highly unusual index offence in 1988 and subsequently numerous psychiatric and psychological assessments, the Board engaged Forensic Psychiatrist Dr. The BOI has identified numerous shortcomings which may have contributed to this tragedy and that need to be addressed systemically in an attempt to prevent other incidents in the future.Professionally, they described her as conscientious and hard working.XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX The Board found that LOUISE was a highly respected and much-liked colleague within the criminal justice community in Yellowknife.It was apparent to the Board that LOUISE chose the kind of work where she felt she could genuinely make a difference and help people cope with their challenges in life.She was optimistic, always trying to make things better, and not willing to give up.On 2004-11-04 the Acting Commissioner of the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), Don HEAD and the Chairman of the National Parole Board (NPB), Ian GLEN, directed that an investigation be conducted and convened a Board of Investigation (BOI).

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