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ui MAIUNO ADDRESS EKICH JAC08SEN 10 E CHÜRCH ST FAIRPORT COMPLETE THE » »»^OLf OVHICH YOU APPLIED FOLLOWING: \j nm n Ot fl Uhlbl^ fnr ^^f^^ prii J J2J00AY S DATE r^ston _ 16 J212 N Y 086t) Htturn Th U Form in i Ke E^xcity^l I*. H/if« YOÜK NAME Ab Yüü ÜSüALLY WHIlt if ;•» fc INTERNAL Rt VENUC Sl P. Box ZU 6«iüinora 3, M4r):4nd Descentianis of lacques Jacobsohn 1 Jacques JACOBSOHN : iaynau i Pelagia PULVERMAN . /%r.»^*» 0as ist Codi und verhandelt, gesundholtllche Atteste von Kiad und künlligen Eltern wurden ver- langt, psychologische und Chaiaklortesta tet hdtto, VAirde mit dem neuen Milieu, :n das tr Icommnu sollte, vorglichen. It was lung cancer and ffd aiready had one leg, I think, amputated. l didn^t liave that much in common with Üiem, They were more New York City kids. The üving rooni in which we sat contamcd (mc oneuial vase:. I hope that he could find some joy and happiness in his later life. More About Godfrey Josef Jacobsen: Adoption: Erich and Gabriel Ie Jacobsen nee Kirstein Deported: March 10, 1944, Theresianstadt Fact 1: Social Security #: 1 Fact 2: SS# issued in: New York Fact 5: Death benefit payment ZIP: 14450 Occupation: Teacher Kl^^^^^i^'^^W 1 The Psych( oft! She tries to do the same with John's but he defends h.mself m and pull» Ruth-s hair.

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Germany August 1980 Fairpoil, New York 2 Edith JACOBSON 1897 1978 September 10, 1897 Haynau, Germany 1978 l-airpo;t, New York Mav 17 2003 ll:37r M Descendanls of Jacques Jacobsohn 1 Jacquüs; .^ACOBSOHN • iaynau i Pelagiö PULVERMAN 2 Erich JACOBSEN 'i89f S-1977 April 3, 1895 Haynau, Germany (now Chojnovv^, Poland) December 1977 Fairpoil Jas! 1( your answar t) | YOUR NUMBLR IF YOU KNo/ IT } WHLR^/NO WHLN KIUST APPLIED or had a »oc Jal s«cv Hty of auestlori In l Uni • tf St^e} UVrar) XO(re adoptierte. It was of gettmg lost in Shannon airport when he was on his way, alone with his teddy bear, from England to America to be adopted. Peter cries and looks for protection near Sister Gertrud.

Rochestcr, Nov^ York '* Hcidi I oile Gabriella KIRSTEIN 190v5 1957 1905 Leipzig, Germariy 1957 rairpoit, East Kochester, New York * 3 Godfrey Josef JACOBSEN 1942 1980 October 22. a Uo ohno ihn XU kennen oder auch nur gesehon «u haben. 'The ste.vanlesses findmg me There's a picture of me published in the local paper when I arrived. " He spun the car around responsively and drove to a of town. .n Christel, fiftyish, and warmly attraaive, greetcd me m her Gemian "They-ll eet sane eveiuually," he proniiscd paternally at the yap- ping puppies. The children quiet down again and continue to collect, Ruth, with a cross expression on her face, helping herseif occasionally from »h« baskets of Ae others.

Peter, though the youngest, was the most imagina- tive of all and assumed leadership in games, which he would invent and organize. She was a pretty, plump child, with ginger hair, freckles and a ready smile.

He only needed to push away his plate, for everybody eise to cease eating.

Worked for hiro in bis officc, then whcn he got a stroke she moyed in to help mc take care of hiir..*' 'Ii scems you're a loyal kind of person," l said. Gtlier leachers arc loüking for git^encr pasiures, but T like it where I ain. *'I tried to walk back to England." **Hc packed his suitcase to go back. " '*It's a whole program, You ask questions likc: what is the origin of man? Alterstransport on As you will see in the document it was Ingrid's first child, she was only 19 years old. Between October and January these instances were daily events.

Hov.' he b^aved in the beginning, tr}'ing to escape." "Yeah," he chuckled. He wenc to the corner and had second thoughts, then came home again. His father came first and then everything eise, his schoolwork, College/' "How far did you go in College, ajid what do you teach? Political history is actually niy main interest, but I teach what is known as world oulture in ihe ninth grade." "What do you cover thore? That when I was thr wceks old l was left on a park bench, plcked up by a nun, taken u convent, and then picked up by the Nazis and put in a conccntratit camp, Thcresienstadt, tili I was about three, That area was liberal by the Soviel Union, and a group of children was there, the Briti made some kind of deal to take them, Then I was üiere in prphanage in England üll I was adopted when L was four and a h* After that l show them the movie Night atui Fog, It's not a good mov Fvc only waiched it once. Individual: Jacobsen, Godfrey Social Security #: 1 SS# issued in: New York Birth date: Oct 22, 1942 Death date: Aug 1980 But we found something about Gad Joseph, but no hint to any other relatives: born In the Jüdisches Krankenhaus (I am sending you a copy of the page in the Geburtenbuch of the hospital) his address also the last address of his parents, before they were deported to , AUSCHWITZ 4.8.43, Schönhauser Allee 130 in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin Gad was after the deportation of his parents living at a Kinderunterkunft, orphanage of the Jüdische Gemeinde, In Iranische Straße 2, and was taken to , THERESIENSTADT with the 103. The following are instances of Ruth's negative behavior in the group.

"IVe Seen a lot of overanalyiing of things in school, where yvife walked behind him Ll^at way. But I warn people, be careful ofthat." ■' "Of what? Well, to nie it's too bad thcre was a Jcwisli secdon. I think inost peop Je here considcr themseives American, and rhen they pick out their own individual differences. I suspect it might as long as people isolate themseives. They t have come from somewhere eise, been in cransit. He was then airlifted to England and was taken to Bulldog's Bank, a youth hostel run by Anna Freud and frlends. She also did her share of comforting others or of helping Leah, the latter especially after Leah begun to call her "my Ruth." But apart from these reactions, she was moved by feelings of envy, jealousy and competition, which were lacking in the other children and which made her actions stand out as isolated instances of maliciousness or spitefulness.

*If you been white Vd probably have failed you.* I always rcmember that. What was it in Illinois, the Nazi5 — I forget the name of that town.'' •Skokie." ' Ycah, the Nazis chose to raarch through the Jewish section of the city. America is a great place for breaking that cyc Je: so many difterent people from so many dif Ferent backgrounds. Many people here, I suspect, feel diat what happened In Spain, what happencd in Germany, might happen in the United States. " •*Yes, what is now East Berlin, as much as 1 undersund. After WW2, he was liberated by the Russians and taken to a Russian hospital In Prague to recouperate. She behaved like the others so far as being inseparable from the group was concerned, did not want to be left alone and worried about absent children.

He wou Jd liave gone on living therc but when his father got sick it was too bard for Chr'isiel to i-un up and down the stairs all the time. Bought a ntw ranch-style hoiise, Game hoine and said, Christel, I did it.' It was niuch easier for her." He smilet J a liitle. " •^ "I was much cioser to my mothcr than I was to my father until 1 finished high schotl. "You see, his attitude Jiad always been, unless you were a doaor you were a nobody. Somehow A«na Freud I ad writ Jnan article ["An Experiment in Group ] «bo« th.. Well, Anna Freud and my aunt were very close, and ihat's how they got m . 22, die beide nach Auschwitz gesandt und vergast wurden. So ist dieses Weihnachten für uns von besonderer persönlicher und symbolischer Bedeutung. Every now and then she picks up on; that is pointed out to her! and it empty Stares at it with a pu«led expression.

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